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Mitra International

An apparel sourcing firm

Is Mitra International a factory or agency?

Mitra International is a an apparel sourcing (Agency) firm, and we liaise with the factory on behalf of our clients to meet the product requirements. As an agency firm our clients can expect us to arrive at costing, develop samples, develop new fabrics & follow up production orders that are placed with the factory

On Denim space what are the products that Mitra International help develop for their clients?

On the Denim space our clients can expect us to help develop all sort of Denim products on the following fabric options that are being produced in the factory with whom we associate with


  • Authentic Ring Denims

  • Selvedge Denims

  • Organic / Bio Denims

  • Comfort & Power Stretch using Lycra, Dual Fx, T400 & Spandex

  • Workwear Denim in Cotton & Cotton Polyester

  • Tencel Denim

  • Printed Denim (Pigment & Discharge)

  • Coated Denim (Two Tone) 

Does Mitra International charge their clients for the services offered?

The answer is NO, we don't charge anything to our clients for the service we offer.

What are your lead times?

Proto Sample : 10 days

Salesman Sample : 30 - 45 days

Production : 90 - 100 days

Does the factory charge for Salesman samples? If yes, how much?

Yes, the factory insists on payments for sales man samples. Depending upon the number of samples the prices can be either 1.5 times or 2 times the cost price.

Does the factory charge for new fabric developments?

If we are to receive orders on the new fabric the factory normally doesn't charge any development cost. If there are no orders on this new fabric, then the factory might ask for development charges. This is negotiable, if our client has a long term relationship then the factory might not even charge for new fabric developments even if there is no orders on that fabric

Is the factory a vertically integrated setup?

Yes, from spinning to finished garment, everything is owned and processed in-house

What are the weight ranges of the fabrics developed?

The weight ranges are from 3.50 Oz to 13 Oz

Does the factory produces sustainable garments?

Yes, producing sustainable garments is their strength. Please click here to know about all the sustainable measures that are in place

Does the factory have CSR certifaction for Compliance?

Yes, the factory has SA8000 and SEDEX certifications

Is the factory GOTs certified?


As a client, what sort of styles we can expect you to develop for us?

You can expect us to develop following styles in all categories (Men's, Women's & Kids)

  • Jeans

  • Trousers

  • Skirts

  • Shorts

  • Dresses

  • Jackets

What are your MOQs?

Our MOQs are

  • Style : 1000 pcs

  • Wash or Color : 500 pcs

What are the payment terms supported by the factory?

The factory prefers LC @ Sight payment terms, but this can be negotiated to 30 days

Does the factory support TT payment terms?

To begin with No, may be after few years once the relationship is established and there is enough trust, the factory may consider TT payment terms.

What port is primarily used for connecting cargo?

Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

Does the factory have clients in USA?

Even though most of the clients are from European region, the factory do have few US clients to whom they send shipments on regular basis

How does the factory procure trims?

The trims are either purchased from the client nominated suppliers or developed through 3rd party suppliers with whom the factory has business relationship 

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