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Mitra International

An apparel sourcing firm

About Us

Mitra International was founded in the year 2019 to provide best in class service to clients who would be interested in sourcing sustainable denim garments form India. As an apparel sourcing firm, we associate ourselves only with well renowned factories who tend to put compliance and sustainability above all other things. In that regard, we are proud to associate ourselves with one of the biggest denim manufactures from India.

As a client of Mitra International, you can expect us to,

  • Engage only with factories that are ethically compliant and having necessary environmental measures in place to promote Sustainability

  • Help develop new fabrics to match the blend that you are interested in

  • Manage sampling and production follow-ups on your behalf

  • Communicate effectively on the progress and solve problems whenever they arise

  • Build long term relationships that benefits all parties involved



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Mitra International as an apparel sourcing firm offers the following benefits to clients who are looking to source Denim and Dyed fabric garments from India


The factory we work with for all our Denim and Dyed Fabrics requirement, is an integrated vertical setup that have all processes in place to turn the cotton in to a finished garment. The fabrics are weaved using best in class instruments and are processed in a way to make sure they have no negative environmental impacts and thus promoting sustainability.

On the denim space, we help produce garments for our clients on the following fabric blends. If our client insists on a particular composition that is not available at the mill, we work with the fabric department to produce that particular fabric to meet our client requirement for garment making

100 % Cotton

Cotton / Spandex

Cotton / Polyester / Spandex

Cotton / Polyester / Viscose / Spandex

100 % Lyocell

Cotton / Tencel

On the dyed fabric (cotton woven) space, we help produce garments for our clients using fine and twill fabric blends. The garment can be developed either via traditional fabric dye form or using garment dyeing methodology. Following are the most popular bends produced by the mill, which we can make use of to produce the garments

100 % Cotton

Cotton / Spandex

Cotton / Polyester / Spandex

Cotton / Tencel / Spandex

Both the Denim and Dyed fabrics are produced on weights ranging from 3.5oz to 14oz and the weaves that are available are Chambray & Oxford, 2./1, 3/1, 4/1 & Sateen. The mill has the capacity to produce 30 million meters of Denim and 12 million meters of Dyed fabrics per year.


The relationship we have built with the factory management and the team of merchandisers, help us to arrive at better prices for our clients who are looking forward to develop garments from India

In general the Indian market for Denim is costlier compared to factories operating from other parts of Asia. As a principle, the factory will only produce sustainable garments and the price we offer to our clients will have the cost of making sustainable product attached to it.

In spite of the price difference with other markets, we work with our supplier to provide the best possible prices for the product that our client is looking forward to develop in an ethical and sustainable environment


The time it takes for us to visit the factory from our office is just an hour and a half, this close proximity allows us to visit the factory and the team at our will to review samples, hold meetings etc.,


This is one of the main advantage we offer to our clients who can't be physically present here to review all the works that are taking place in the factory on their products

We take immense pleasure in representing our clients on behalf of them in the factory and reviewing the products at regular intervals and solving problems by being physically present there. We believe human interaction helps in more progress than just being engaged electronically


The words "Ethical Sourcing" & "Sustainable Development" wouldn't mean a lot until there is a credible backing to those words. So as a prospective client of us we would like to let you know that the factory is both SA 8000 and SEDEX certified, through which the CSR compliance is monitored during every audit.

The factory is ISO certified for having Environmental Management and Quality management systems in place. The factory is also GOTs certified which helps them to develop organic fabrics and garments based on those organic produces.

The factory's NABL accreditation along with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certification allows the team to prevent the usage of hazardus chemicals in the garment marking process